IRIS Inspection Machines, based in Lyon, France, is a world leader in glass packaging inspection technology. The core activity of IRIS is in real-time high-speed image processing to detect glass defects in bottles, jars, pharma and perfume flacons. Glass inspection is a crucial step to ensure a perfect glass quality and end-user safety.
Since the creation of IRIS in 2002, the integration of digital technology has been essential to the company’s development. IRIS inspection solutions are non-contact and equipped with the latest generation of cameras, lenses and light sources. They are artificial-intelligence-based and feature self-adjusting and self-learning characteristics, including automatic recognition of glass defects.
IRIS invests more than 15% of turnover in research and development and its state-of-theart inspection solutions incorporate advanced software and optics. The approach adopted by IRIS Inspection Machines is to deliver systems that comply with the ‘smart factory’ of the future.
IRIS motto is to spread the benefits of the most innovative technologies to all glassmakers. Therefore, all software innovations are shared among existing and new customers alike. This approach is an essential component of the company’s DNA.
Achieving 95% of sales outside of France, IRIS is an international team of engineers, developers, draftsmen and technicians speaking 17 languages. Thanks to a network of international agents and technical support service centres, IRIS can support customers throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia.
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