For many years, IRIS and Heye have together been supplying inspection lines for glass container factories worldwide. We are both specialists in our field : IRIS in camera inspection machines, Heye in check inspection machines. This complementary partnership has today become a cold end commercial alliance with added value where intelligent software is combined with a robust mechanics. We bring a collective expertise to your cold end.


Since 2002, IRIS has designed, developed and manufactured intelligent inspection solutions for glass containers. The company offers precise and innovative inspection machines with reduced dependence on the human factor for your increased productivity, quality and efficiency. IRIS is a team of passionate engineers, mastering the entire production of machines from ideas and concepts, to the production of CPU boards and on-site installation.


Based in Obernkirchen, Germany, Heye International is one of the foremost suppliers of production technology, high performance equipment and know-how for the container glass industry worldwide. Our mechanical engineering has set the standard in the industry for more than 50 years. The industry expertise, attitude and enthusiasm of Heye International employees conforms to the motto “WE ARE GLASS PEOPLE”.

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