Multiple article inspection solutions deliver key customer benefits

Since completing its first multi equipment installation in 2008 for a leading German glass container factory, the non-contact inspection solutions specialist has delivered more than 30 projects to customers in such countries as the Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine. Customers include such well-known glass packaging groups as Verallia, O-I, Saverglass and Vetropack.

The IRIS technology delivers complete turnkey mechanical and software cold end solutions, enabling customers to handle up to six different items at the same time. Precise ware recognition and inspection is provided using a single Evolution 12 NEO machine. This solution also benefits from NEO intelligence, an innovative defect approach that relates to defect identification and classification.

In the increasingly competitive world of glass container manufacture, the ability to provide solutions for multi gob manufacturing on the same production line is an important benefit. Over the past 13 years, Lyon-based IRIS Inspection machines has developed an important leadership position in the field of multiple article inspection at the cold end.

Secured via stable and reliable conveyingequipment, this compact and cost-efficient solution is widely adopted to validate quality requirements on different article shapes and colours.

This IRIS all-in-one solution responds to the industry’s key player demands to deliver flexible, high quality glass packaging.

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