Long-term partnership supports pharmaceutical glassware investment in Thailand

As the pursuit of successful vaccines to control the spread of the global Covid-19 pandemic intensifies, demand for specialist pharmaceutical glassware to package these critical vaccines has required glass manufacturers throughout the world to create or boost their manufacturing capacities accordingly.

Few industrial sectors have such stringent quality requirements as the pharmaceutical industry and to meet these exacting specifications, IRIS Inspection machines and its innovative ware inspection technologies are available to support the world’s specialist pharmaceutical glassmakers to meet these challenges.

Among the companies to have accepted this challenge is Thailand’s Wellgrow Glass Industry Co Ltd (WGI), an established independent producer of high quality glass bottles for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. 

Located in Chacheongsao Province, some 50km east of Bangkok, WGI has more than 18 years’ experience in the international glass container market, having successfully created extensive capabilities to make an established portfolio of products in flint, high flint and color glass on its 12 production lines, primarily to satisfy the needs of local customers.

Just 15 years ago, WGI’s manufacturing capabilities comprised a single melting furnace and five production lines but as local demand for its specialist output has steadily increased in the intervening period, the need for additional manufacturing capacity has also grown gradually.

In support of the glassmaker’s business expansion initiatives, close working relationships have been established with many leading international technology suppliers. This includes a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with the non-contact inspection solutions specialist, IRIS Inspection machines.

Since ordering its first two Evolution 16 inspection machines in 2005, Wellgrow has worked closely with the IRIS team to improve and maintain the quality of its output. Today, the glassworks features three furnaces and 12 production lines and the factory’s IRIS inspection equipment has been the subject of extensive investment and modernisation to support these investment initiatives.

The hardware and software for all machines has been upgraded and converted to the latest Evolution NEO technology, making it capable of operating like brand new, smart inspection equipment. All production lines now feature the IRIS body inspection solution, with some lines also benefitting from the Evolution DIM dimensional inspection machine.

The innovative ware inspection technologies available from IRIS Inspection machines are continuing to support the world’s specialist pharmaceutical glassmakers to meet the challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis. In Thailand, for example, the longstanding partnership between WGI and IRIS Inspection machines has benefited both parties. Based on mutual trust and a belief in the advantages of business co-operation, this successful relationship is expected to continue long into the foreseeable future.