Stand alone finish inspector

Finish inspection system for complete inspection of the narrow neck and wide mouth finish thanks to high resolution camera.

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This equipment meets the requirements of the following business sectors

Evolution 1 : stand-alone finish glass inspection machine



  • Faster job change thanks to motorized camera with automatic repositioning
  • Dedicated to inspect the finish of different types of bottles like beer, soda, wine, liquors, food jars, pharma flacons, perfumes, …
  • Needs short space on the line (less than 1 meter)
  • No mechanical and optical adjustment is needed





  • Equipped with dedicated optics, HD cameras and an HD screen
  • A new generation of light sources is completely driven by computer
  • LED light source with different lighting angles
  • Optimized for all types of glass: from very dark glass to flint glass and ultra-white glass
  • Light source adjustment driven through touchscreen