Company presentation




Our ambition is to be the most trusted supplier of glass inspection systems to the packaging industry using glass containers. As a leader in technology, we anticipate customer needs and provide long term and cost efficient support for our solutions in the field of glass quality control. This long term partnership with our customers is the key for a sustainable development of our company.




With more than 15% of the company turnover reinvested in Research and Development every year ,development the IRIS Team is constantly working on the future versions of software of tomorrow’s EVOLUTION Machines with a challenge: to increase the precision of hollow glass inspection and detection of defects in order to maximize the productivity of the glass container manufacturing process. The IRIS strategy is a long term strategy based on partnerships developed with manufacturers of quality glass containers.




The technology used in our glass inspection solutions complies with CE and UL Standards. The IRIS organization conforms to the ISO 9001 norms.




With 140 employees (30 working for IRIS), the company has developed in less than 30 years,team a longterm partnership with its industrial customers in the area of electronics and software for machine automation, as well as an exceptional knowhow in the most innovative vision technologies.